Experiencia Italiana Premium

From: $1,699.00 IVA

Costo por cantidad de personas:

2 personas: $1699
3 personas: $1499
4 personas: $1399
5 personas: $1299
6 personas: $1199
7 o más personas: $1099



1 @Karina Pérez Gisiger Muy linda experiencia de cumpleaños. Algo íntimo y con mucha calidad 8 de febrero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Omar Guevara Ibarra Excelente chef. Lo recomiendo ampliamente 1 de febrero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Rocio I loved this private dining experience and had a great time with my friends and chef Alex. The menu was excellent, all curated by Alex, taking us through a Mexican culinary journey while sharing laughs and bites. We participated in the preparation and learned so much about the chef. Very intimate, magical and safe during these times. We d totally repeat it!!! 8 de enero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Daniel This was a fantastic experience! Having an expert local chef come to us felt special. With the chef bringing everything, doing all the prep, cooking, and cleaning up - it was very convenient and relaxing. It also felt safer in these times of covid. The food was delicious! Every dish included something I’d never tried before. We learned a lot about these local dishes and were even invited to help prepare. Highly recommend it and would book it again next time I’m in Mexico! 18 de enero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Berenice Es una experiencia sin igual, el Chef Alex siempre fue super atento y el tener la oportunidad de ver como preparaba los alimentos frente a nosotros le dio un valor inigualable. El menú estuvo muy rico. La verdad es una experiencia super recomendable 18 de enero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Daniel Chef Alex cooked for me and my girlfriend for our anniversary in our home. Absolutely fantastic food, he brought everything and we supplied a bottle of wine for ourselves :) If you want a hands-on experience he can teach you everything or you can sit back and relax. We chose the Mayan menu and it was delish. He had stories about the origins of the food and what goes into each dish. It was a lot of food and the leftovers are just as good as the first day! He cleaned up and left my kitchen better than he found it. I will absolutely be hiring them again, each dish was incredible. Thank you, Chef Alex! 18 de enero 2021
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Henning Rieseweber Alex and his assistant prepared excellent meals for us. Our guests and we ourselves were absolutely thrilled. Both are very friendly and open-minded people who you like to have around you. Wishes (e.g. vegan preparation) were spontaneously and creatively responded to. The dishes were served friendly and with a short explanation. The kitchen was left absolutely clean. It was a completely successful evening. 19 de octubre 2020
Recomienda Chef at Home
1 @Gabriela Mena La atención de la chef fue bastante buena, sin embargo la comida estaba un poco fría al momento de ser servida. La mayoría de las cosas las habían ya preparado de antemano por lo que sólo hicieron pocas cosas en mi casa. Entiendo que tengan que venir con algunos alimentos ya preparados a pero francamente por los precios que pagamos esperaría comida hecha al momento o mínimo que esté caliente. 18 de septiembre 2020
Recomienda Chef at Home